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Terence Green

City of Flint Chief of Police

Flint Police Department benefits from partnering with Crime Stoppers in a variety of valuable ways. Through a secure process, members of the public in a truly confidential way can anonymously provide tips and information, which has proven many times to be key in solving crimes. Additionally, Crime Stoppers continues to raise awareness about unsolved crimes in hopes of uncovering fresh information. Through the years, Crime Stoppers has increased their footprint utilizing social media platforms, reaching a far greater amount of people who potentially have vital information. The partnership between Crime Stoppers and our agency is extremely beneficial in solving crimes throughout our community.

Sheriff Swanson

Christopher R. Swanson

Genesee County Sheriff

“Victims of violent crime deserve justice. This can only be accomplished by those that seek to find it. Crime Stoppers is that critical piece. The professionalism and talent behind the scenes continues to solve the most complicated cases. Law Enforcement will always be better served working hand in hand with Crime Stoppers. Thank you for all you do!”

David Leyton_edited.jpg

David Leyton

Genesee County Prosecutor

"I encourage all citizens of our community to come forward when they have information that can help us solve a crime and Crime Stoppers is an excellent tool in that regard.”

Jamar Baker pic_edited.jpg

Jamar Baker

Family Member of a Homicide Victim

“Crime Stoppers stepped in when we were in our crisis and gave my brother and my family a voice to get answers. They helped answer the mystery that could have added more pain to my brother’s loss. If you see something, say something! It could be the difference between a family being haunted by unanswered questions or being able to find elements to heal.”


Marshall & Garner Family

Family Members of a Homicide Victim

"I would like to thank Crime Stoppers, Flint Police Department, and Michigan State Police Detectives for their dedication and hard work. I appreciate all of the support from Mrs. Julie and her team and how they went over and beyond to show my grandchildren so much love."  

Ruben Vasquez.jpg

Ruben Vasquez

Crime Stoppers Board of Directors: Chair

"During my 25-year law enforcement career I never thought I would have to utilize Crime Stoppers for personal reasons. However, in 2016 after finding a family member falling victim to several domestic and stalking related incidents by a subject, I turned to the Flint Crime Stoppers program. Without hesitation, I was given immediate assistance and could see the passion and concern they had for our situation. This continued throughout the investigation and even after the subject was arrested and given a lengthy prison sentence. As a result of my experience with the Crime Stoppers team, including a high level of professionalism and integrity, I felt a need to give back to the cause. As a result, I have become a volunteer board member to help serve our law enforcement and community members. Our team continues to work with high standards under the leadership of our Executive Director, Julie Lopez and our partnership with Crime Stoppers USA."

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